The Perfect Place to Be

In Mary J Treglia Community House’s Preschool, we often welcome children experiencing their first steps beyond the comfort of their homes. After our Preschool had to close temporarily, a Preschool teacher reached out to a former preschool family, sharing the heartening news of the reopening and offering them the chance to return. The father hesitated, mentioning that his child was already enrolled in another center. After realizing his child struggled to adjust to the new center, the father reached out, wanting her to return to the Mary Treglia Preschool. We opened our doors, welcoming her back. As time passed, the child’s laughter echoed through our classrooms, her spirit thrived, and she embraced every learning opportunity with eager curiosity. Soon, she had grown into a confident, bright young soul, ready to spread her wings and take flight into the world of kindergarten. We watched with pride, knowing that her journey had begun with us at Mary J Treglia’s Preschool. With her as an inspiration, we continued to welcome each new child into our classroom, cherishing the unique connection we share with each little soul. Our Preschool will always be a place of love, laughter, and learning, a home away from home for countless children and their families.


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