Tekle Ali

A client walked into our office, seeking help with his son’s passport book and card. He told us that he had applied for them a couple months back, and everything seemed fine during the initial application process. When he didn’t hear anything for months, the first time he made a trip to the local post office they assured him the package should have been delivered, the second time they didn’t know how to help so in an act of kindness, the post office handed him a flyer with Mary Treglia’s information, suggesting we could help. When the client arrived at Mary Treglia’s office, the team managed to piece everything together with the assistance of a Tigrinya interpreter. We contacted the passport agency, who confirmed that the passport book, card, and documentation had been returned to the client, but the client had not received anything. Determined to resolve the matter, Mary Treglia assisted him in filling out a reissue request promptly mailed to the passport agency.

After months passed, the client returned to their office without the documents. He shared his frustration over his many attempts to reach the passport agency; often met with hang-ups whenever he requested a Tigrinya interpreter. Together, we persistently tried to contact the agency, facing numerous roadblocks and rude representatives. After days of relentless effort, we ¬†finally managed to speak to a supervisor who initially expressed doubts about the reissue request, insisting they talk to the client directly. The client was in the office, accompanied by a Tigrinya interpreter; however, the supervisor insisted they couldn’t use an interpreter and that the client must speak English. Despite the obstacles, the family did not lose hope. With determination, our office sought assistance from U.S. Congressman Randy Feenstra. Together, we worked to request the reissue of the passport book and card. Finally, months later, the client received the long-awaited documents. The client was grateful for the help he received throughout this journey. Despite facing language barriers and bureaucratic challenges, the kindness and perseverance of Mary Treglia and the office of U.S. Congressman Randy Feenstra’s support made a significant difference in his life. He left Mary J Treglia’s office with a heart full of appreciation, knowing that there are compassionate people who genuinely care and are willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand.


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