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The Perfect Place to Be

In Mary J Treglia Community House’s Preschool, we often welcome children experiencing their first steps beyond the comfort of their homes. After our Preschool had to close temporarily, a Preschool

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Tekle Ali

A client walked into our office, seeking help with his son’s passport book and card. He told us that he had applied for them a couple months back, and everything

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Sasha Smith

In 2019 Sasha learned of MJTCH’s Preschool program. She saw a picture of the students on our website. She immediately sent the link to her husband and told him where

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Preschool Parent

“Our son has improved in his social behavior with other kids. He has especially developed a great relationship with his classmates. Teachers at M.T. (Mary J Treglia Community House Preschool)

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Mayra Lopez

Mayra was trapped in a nightmare of domestic abuse, suffering in silence due to her lack of legal status. Her spouse threatened her with deportation, and she feared losing custody

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Jose Morales Morales

My son started Preschool at MJTCH a month before turning 3. He has always been developmentally advanced, so finding a preschool program that would take him younger than 4 and

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First Words

Earlier this year, a new child joined our program. The child’s family had shared with us that he had a documented speech delay, and together, we agreed that enrolling him

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Duy Nguyễn

Nguyen’s arrival at the ELL class was nothing short of heartwarming. He proudly declared with a beaming smile and uncontainable excitement, “I’m 78 years old, and I’m in an English

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Dario Fernandez

A little boy named Dario joined our Preschool at the beginning of the school year. His family’s native language was Spanish, and his mother saw this as an opportunity to

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