Sasha Smith

In 2019 Sasha learned of MJTCH’s Preschool program. She saw a picture of the students on our website. She immediately sent the link to her husband and told him where she wanted their twins to go to Preschool. Never mind that they lived in Orange City, and it would require a lot of car time for the boys, not to mention money for gas and the additional travel time and commitment from her husband and herself.

As soon as she met Andrea and Tiffany, she was convinced MJTCH would be the place they would send their kids to Preschool. Her children were educated, supported, encouraged, guided, and loved by everyone in the Preschool.

MJTCHs Preschool is not just another preschool program. It is so much more than that. It provides a safe, small setting for new immigrant families to send their children to school. A place they are familiar with because they’ve received support from other people at our office. A place where they don’t have to worry about how their children will be treated.

The Preschool provides excellent opportunities for learning and growth. Her sons enthusiastically told them about recycling, insects, space, numbers, animals, professions, community safety, and more. The children recounted stories they read and songs they sang. They came home trying to speak different languages like their new friends. During the Spring of 2021, she sat with someone from N.W. Iowa AEA to talk about her boys’ last year of Preschool. She reluctantly asked if they would be doing the boys a disservice by keeping them at the same school for a third year. The AEA representative told her that MJTCH’s Preschool was one of the best, if not the best, in Siouxland. She encouraged them to keep the boys there because they would need to find a better preschool.

The preschool has shown her boys how to value diversity! From their very first day, they were surrounded by friends with brown and tan skin. Friends from many different cultures, religions, and experiences. Friends who didn’t eat pork or who wore head coverings. Friends who celebrated different holidays. Friends who spoke different languages. Her boys (and the other students) were taught to value and respect diversity simply by letting it be a part of their everyday lives. They learned what it truly means to welcome everyone.

MJTCH Preschool has created what she believes will be lifelong friendships for her boys and herself. Even though her boys started kindergarten this year, they still want to get together with their friends from Preschool. They always want to look at pictures of their preschool friends. They begged their mom to invite many of them to their upcoming birthday party. She has also made friendships with many of the kid’s parents. People she wouldn’t have connected with if it weren’t for MJTCH. They also love Miss Tiffany. Nearly every time she takes a “cute” picture of them, they ask her to send it to Miss Tiffany. They see another Jeep- they talk about Miss Tiffany. They talk about police officers- Miss Tiffany’s brother is a police officer. Miss Tiffany has supported their boys both in school and outside of school. She’s come to their sporting events and birthday parties and met at Launchpad. Time after time, she’s gone above and beyond to make sure everyone in the classroom feels loved and valued.

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