Mayra Lopez

Mayra was trapped in a nightmare of domestic abuse, suffering in silence due to her lack of legal status. Her spouse threatened her with deportation, and she feared losing custody of her two beloved children. When Mayra sought counseling from a local domestic abuse organization, she was directed to our office, where we recognized her eligibility for the U-Visa, a unique form of relief for victims of crimes. Our legal staff diligently prepared and filed her Visa application, ensuring that all necessary documents, including a certification from law enforcement confirming her cooperation, were in order. As the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requested additional information, Mayra promptly gathered and submitted the required documents with our unwavering support. Finally, three years later, Mayra was notified that she and her children could apply for a work permit. Our legal team stood by her side, assisting throughout the process, and a year later, Mayra’s U-Visa was approved, opening doors to a brighter future.

However, there was a new challenge to overcome. One of Mayra’s daughters was still in her home country, Honduras. The timing was crucial; if Mayra attained her permanent resident status before her daughter arrived in the United States, her daughter’s derivative status might be jeopardized. The pandemic further complicated matters, postponing her daughter’s visa appointment until the end of 2022. Our legal staff tirelessly advocated on her behalf, seeking expedited appointments but could not secure one. The wait was excruciating, but the day finally arrived when Mayra’s daughter received the visa and reunited with her family in the United States. Determined to secure a stable future, Mayra worked diligently to save enough money for the residency applications for herself and her two children. While waiting for their permanent residence applications to be approved, the family found solace and support through Mary Treglia.. With our guidance, Mayra found employment, her children completed high school and joyfully entered the workforce after graduation. The journey has been long and challenging, stretching almost nine years. Still, the unwavering support from our legal department has provided Mayra and her family with the tools they needed to forge ahead. Although the processing times remain lengthy, the family faces the future with gratitude, knowing that a stable and secure life awaits them, thanks to the heartwarming help of our organization.


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