Jose Morales Morales

My son started Preschool at MJTCH a month before turning 3. He has always been developmentally advanced, so finding a preschool program that would take him younger than 4 and challenge him was difficult. The Mary Treglia Preschool accepted him and provided him with a classroom filled with what was important to me: diversity and an age-appropriate curriculum that helped him flourish. My son, who has a strong sense of self, has learned social and emotional cues from his peers, speaks and understands complex sentences, and recognizes letters and numbers. MJTCH preschool is responsible for helping my son reach new milestones and providing him with a safe and fun learning place. As a parent, the most essential thing the Preschool has done is create a school where student differences are present, welcomed, and celebrated. It has been an absolute treat to share our cultures, traditions, and languages with my son’s classmates and for our son to experience the same in return. Thanks to the Mary Treglia Preschool, my son had the opportunity to receive a global education that taught him to embrace himself.


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