Translation & Interpretation Services

Bilingual Services

Bilingual Services help medical offices, attorneys, social service agencies, businesses, and schools locate interpreters in numerous languages.

We coordinate different language specialists to provide services to both the public and private sectors with professional interpretation and translation services. We accomplish this through in person, on site interpreting. We have been providing affordable services for over 20 years. 

Our language specialists are fluent in: – Spanish -Vietnamese – Amharic – Somali – Tigrinya -French -Oromo- Lao and more! Our interpreters also help our low income clients navigate the complex legal, social, and medical systems of the U.S. by serving as an interpreter and advocate.

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Interpretation Services

Translation & Interpretation Services

We provide effective interpretation services that include in-house and on-sight interpretation. Interpretation services are available at affordable rates (cost is based on duration of the appointment)

Translation Services

We offer written translation services of documents and other forms at affordable rates. 

To help us provide the best possible services please give us a week in advance to work on a translation, formatting and other services. 

*Rush jobs are subject to a higher rate.

Translation & Interpretation Services

Our mission is to welcome, educate, empower, and advocate for all new Siouxlanders.

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Translation & Interpretation Services

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