Community Garden

What does the community garden do for Mary J.Treglia Community House and visitors? 
Having our community gardens allows for  many people to enjoy a shared resource, and in this case, land for gardening, and possibly one individuals couldn’t have on their own.  

However, it’s not just the gardeners themselves who gain from community gardens – the benefits extend to the rest of the neighborhood and even to society as a whole.  Our garden helps:

  • Beautifying our neighborhood and city
  • Provides fresh produce
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyles
  • Helps with a cleaner environment
  • Creates a stronger community
  • Provides educational opportunities 

Come be apart of our community garden and reap the benefits!   

Mary J. Treglia’s Community Garden hosts up to 17 plots that are available to all community members at first come, first serve bases.  

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