Tekle Ali

A client walked into our office, seeking help with his son’s passport book and card. He told us that he had applied for them a couple months back, and everything seemed fine during the initial application process. When he didn’t hear anything for months, the first time he made a trip to the local post …

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Preschool Parent

“Our son has improved in his social behavior with other kids. He has especially developed a great relationship with his classmates. Teachers at M.T. (Mary J Treglia Community House Preschool) are great at setting expectations and modeling behaviors while including meaningful content and information for the kids to learn. Coincidentally our son has gotten better …

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Mayra Lopez

Mayra was trapped in a nightmare of domestic abuse, suffering in silence due to her lack of legal status. Her spouse threatened her with deportation, and she feared losing custody of her two beloved children. When Mayra sought counseling from a local domestic abuse organization, she was directed to our office, where we recognized her …

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First Words

Earlier this year, a new child joined our program. The child’s family had shared with us that he had a documented speech delay, and together, we agreed that enrolling him in our program would be a nurturing environment for his development. As the weeks passed, we provided a fostering and supportive atmosphere for the child …

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Duy Nguyễn

Nguyen’s arrival at the ELL class was nothing short of heartwarming. He proudly declared with a beaming smile and uncontainable excitement, “I’m 78 years old, and I’m in an English class!” His enthusiasm was infectious, and the room was warm as everyone welcomed him. A beloved resident of Sioux City for nearly three decades, Nguyen …

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Dario Fernandez

A little boy named Dario joined our Preschool at the beginning of the school year. His family’s native language was Spanish, and his mother saw this as an opportunity to attend English classes. Stepping into the classroom took work for Dario since he had never experienced schooling or daycare before. He clung tightly to his …

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American flag and passport

Fundraiser 3

This is an example and test post for a fundraising event at Mary J. Treglia. This is in the fundraising category and has the fundraising tag which helps filter and show only these types of relevant fundraising posts here.